The Friday Pint 3 #1 – This is how things are probably going to be, so get used to it.

When we last met, way back in the dying embers of 2013 I said I’d be writing a post on the vertical tasting of Anchor’s Our Special Ales I planned on doing over Christmas. As it happened, I only opened three of the five bottles I had (2013, 2012, and 2011, with 2013 being my favourite of the three), and didn’t write that post.

I also said that the first Friday Pint of 2014 would be written in America, and in some ways it was, and then weather happened. I had a post all written out, just waiting for the finer details of the actualities, like beers and descriptions of ambiance, and then it went and got cold.

I was going to focus on a planned trip to 99 Bottles in Carnegie, PA, and some beers from Full Pint Brewing, but alas, that was not to be. That being said though, there were many local beer drinking opportunities over the nine days I was in America.

The highlight of which was undoubtedly the chance to try Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged Anastasia Imperial Russian Stout, an experience I can only compare to the first time I tried Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout, on tap at The White Horse back in 2010.

We had an hour to kill and so ended up in the World of Beer at Easton, Columbus. Whilst there were many tempting beers on the draught list, this one (or rather, it’s none barrel aged sister) was one that had been on my wishlist for a while. In normal circumstances it may have been a tad on the strong side for Noon on a Sunday, but the experience was completely worth breaking any accepted social drinking rules.

The other highlight was visiting Church Brew Works, a brew pub set in an old church on Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh. As a venue, it is perhaps the most beautiful brewpub I’ve had the pleasure to drink in, and certainly one of the nicest.

Whilst there I had two beers, Brettbrosia, and Black and Brett. I also walked away with a six pack of the multiple award winning Pious Monk Dunkel. Of those, my favourite was undoubtedly the Brettbrosia.

As, like last year, I’ll be trying to save money (I do after all have a wedding to be saving for), this year’s Friday Pint posts will be much less frequent, with the aim to do at least one a month. The over all theme for this year’s Friday Pint is local beer, and so I shall be focusing on local breweries depending on where I am throughout the year.

I already have my eyes on Dancing Man Brewery, who will hopefully be well into the construction on The Wool House by the time I reach them, Vibrant Forest, who have just moved into larger premises in Lymington, and Lovibonds, who I’ve wanted to visit for ages but just never got round to.

I also have my hotel booked for the Maltings Festival in April. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there, and discover another beer as good as Bristol Beer Factory’s Southville Hop.

Until next time, thanks for reading.