The Friday Pint 3 #4 – A post which isn’t really a Friday Pint post, but is being posted on a Friday, so it might as well be.

I like kids.

Allow me to put that into a little more context. I like the inventive and inquisitive nature of kids. I like their lack of cynicsm. I like the joy and hope that they represent. I like the idea of kids playing and having fun. It’s what they should do. Playing and having fun is what being a child (or being childish if you’re somewhat older), is all about.

I hate parents who allow their children to play in restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, and anywhere else that is highly inappropriate for a child to be running around.

I’ll be honest, I know I shouldn’t, but whenever I’m somewhere that a child is running around when they shouldn’t be, a part of me hopes that they fall, trip and hurt themselves.¬†Of course, whatever the circumstances, it wouldn’t be an accident, or the child’s fault for running around when they shouldn’t be. It’s your fault for walking into the path of that child, or for having your chair out a bit.

I say the following to all parents of young children, present and future. Allow your children to play. By all means, encourage it, but realize that there are appropriate and inappropriate places for them to do so. If others in your vicinity scowl or tut at you whilst trying to avoid your child, it’s probably a good idea for you to tell them to calm down.



The Wool House – The Plans

Time for another update on The Wool House and Dancing Man Brewery’s plans to move into the building…

The planning application is now available to view on the Southampton City Council website. You can view it yourself by clicking this link.

At the point of writing, 10 comments have been submitted on the application online, with a 50/50 split between those opposed and those supporting the venture. Whether this reflects the response of those voicing their opinion offline is unknown to me.

Several of the significant dates have passed, and just over two weeks remain before the Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date. After this, the deadline for making a decision on the application is the 17th April.

As for the plans themselves, the long curved bar with the brewery behind it, seems very appealing to me. In fact, the whole of the bottom floor seems very enticing to me, particuarly the three sofas that are on the drawings.

I’ll be checking in on the Southampton City Council website regularly, and if anything of note occurs, I shall be posting it here. Hopefully, the next post I write will be one reporting the approval of the plans, and then the start of the building works.

In the meantime, the success of The Butchers Hook in it’s first two weeks of operation has shown that there is a thirst for more quality beer in Southampton. If you can get in when it’s open, it’s worth a visit. If you’d like to read a review from someone who spent longer than I did there last week, fellow blogger Biere Belle wrote about The Butchers Hook on her site.


The Friday Pint 3 #3 – A Trip to Twyford

Last night I drank the other two beers I bought in last month’s trip down to Windsor and Eton Brewery, namely Canberra and Conqueror 1075.

The Canberra is a beer I probably need to try again to formulate a more solid opinion on. With each mouthful, the thoughts inside my head alternated between “mmm, this is quite nice” and “meh”. In comparison, the Conqueror 1075, a stronger version of the brewery’s black IPA, was met with a much more positive response.

And so onto today, where this morning I popped on a train down to Twyford, and walked up to the Binghams Brewery to pick up some more beer. I ended up leaving with one of each bottle, and a two litre bottle of Twyford Tipple, this being after trying the others available on draft, and finding that the first one I tried was the one I felt I could drink all afternoon/evening.

There’s nothing overly special about Twyford Tipple. It’s a 3.7% session ale, the kind of which can be found all over the country, some better than others. It’s more malt driven than hop driven, with some rather nice caramel notes that compliment the bitterness.

In the fridge there’s a bottle of the brewery’s ginger stout. I also bought the standard, coffee, chilli and vanilla stouts, along with Brickworks Bitter and Spacy Hoppy, their IPA. I’ll be opening these over the next couple of weeks and updating accordingly.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy the beer in this glass.