Unemployment, Marriage and the Great Migration.

So, it’s been a while hasn’t it.

I’ve actually started writing many new posts since I last actually posted something. I’ve been rather busy in that time, and hence haven’t really had time, or the desire to write anything.

Rather than dwelling over the minutiae of what I’ve been doing, lets focus on the now, and the soon to be.

I am now unemployed, albeit intentionally. I left work at the end of last month in order to move over to America. Of course, you’re now wondering why I’m moving to America, unless of course you already know. The answer is I’m getting married, providing of course they actually let me in. That won’t be for another month or so yet, depending on how long it takes for my visa to arrive after my interview.

As for the immediate future, tonight I shall be opening a selection of Fuller’s Vintage ales at The Platform Tavern in Southampton (where naturally, I am writing this post. I’ve tried writing in The Dancing Man, it’s not the same). I have 13 different bottles from 1999 through to 2014. I doubt we’ll be opening all of them.

Chances are it will be some time before I write here again, possibly not until I’m settled in America. I’m still active on Twitter though, should you want to know what thoughts are spilling out of my mind onto the interwebs.