The Friday Pint 2 #19 – Breaking The Rules

At the start of this year, I set myself some rules. I allowed myself 10 passes from these rules, of which I have so far used three. I may have broken those rules a couple of times, and joked about rewriting them to include an exception for all new Dancing Man Brewery beers.

Pole Axed isn’t a new beer, but it was one of my favourite beers of last year, and I did say that I would use one of my passes to drink it again. The problem is, do I really want to? I’ll be using a pass in a few weeks time for the Southampton Beer Festival, and then there’s several events over the summer that will require passes. What I don’t want is to reach the second half of the year without the ability of having a beery weekend.

Okay, so I could rewrite the rules, or break them, but that seems to miss the point of the experiment. I’ve already drunk more cider this year than I did last year, and I’ve also enjoyed a few whiskys and bourbons too. On the other hand, I’ve also stayed Rat home more, rather than go out to pubs, which wasn’t my intention.

Pole Axed though, is a beer worth breaking the rules for, and as I said to my Dad whilst sharing a pint with him, it would have been the best beer of The Friday Pint last year, if I’d actually had a pint on a Friday. DNA, which was also on tonight, was on the best form it’s been since I first tried it last year.

I may have broken the rules to drink the pint and a half of Pole Axed I drank tonight. I’ll also break them to possibly buy a bottle of Vibrant Forest’s Red Righteous tomorrow. Somehow, it doesn’t seem that bad when it comes to supporting the local breweries.


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