The Friday Pint 2 #20 – A Shameless Post Promoting An Awesome Beery Event.

So, 9 weeks from the time of writing, the first session of The Birmingham Beer Bash will be starting to draw to a close. Whilst some of you reading will be there drinking beers, I shall be one of the many people working behind the scenes trying to make sure it all goes well.

From the many tweets I’ve seen from people saying they’ve bought tickets, or are looking forward to coming, it would seem that we are heading for a successful weekend. Since the last time I mentioned the Beer Bash on this blog, several more breweries have been announced.

The list now includes De Molen, Ska, Evil Twin, Magic Rock, Hardknott, and Buxton to name just a few of them. There will also be a couple of breweries launching their beers exclusively at the event.

Tickets are now on sale, starting from £6 for the Friday afternoon session. With the way things are going, I expect the weekend will be a sell out. I’d order my ticket now if I were you to avoid disappointment,

Full details of the event, and a link to the ticketing site, can be found at


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