The Session #77 – IPA: What’s the Big Deal?

Once again, it’s the first Friday of the month, and as usual, it’s time for The Session. The monthly series in which beer bloggers write upon a subject chosen by another. This month, Justin, of Justin’s Brew Review, questions why IPA is seemingly so popular.

To answer this, I think we should acknowledge that it is a certain type of IPA that is highly popular. The highly hopped (usually with American or New Zealand hops), high IBU, fruity IPAs that often go against what the uninitiated assume a beer to taste like.

I believe that the popularity of these IPAs can be attributed to those strong fruity flavours, and I think that as long as there are new drinkers to discover them, they will continue to remain popular. Eventually though, I suspect that as people get used to IPAs, they will drop out of fashion for the next big thing.


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