Black and Tan Experiments #13 – Brewdog 3

Late on Saturday Night, Jonny Bright posted this tweet…


I’m guessing he was rather drunk at this point, though this tweet still put the idea into my head, and so earlier this evening, once I had got back from Leeds and dropped my suitcase off, I headed up to Brewdog Camden.


I’ve had both Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink The Bismarck! on their own before. I find of them to be a bit harsh, especially when it comes to the aroma. It’s difficult to distinguish anything underneath the burning alcohol that wafts up from the glass.

Combine the two though, and it actually becomes a lot more drinkable. Everything about it mellows, and the taste becomes a chocolate followed by burning followed by a lingering sweetness, that ultimately satisfies.

Quick research tells me that I’m not the first person mad enough to actually try this. At least one other person has tried it, and noted this fact on the internet. There are references to A TNP/STB Black and Tan here and here. It’s not clear if these are two seperate people, or the same insane beer drinker.

It’s not something I’d reccomend having on a regular basis, but it’s something I reccomend trying, even if you didn’t like the component beers.




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