The Friday Pint 2016 #8 – Flying Dog Lucky Sob Irish Red Ale

As I removed the cap from the bottle it occurred to me that I probably should have saved this weeks beer for St Patrick’s Day. As it is, that thought came too late, and I now have Flying Dog’s interpretation of an Irish Red in my glass.

I’m going to come straight out here and say I’m not a fan. I like red ales, and the irish reds are amongst the best I’ve tried. It’s not so bad that I can’t drink it, yet it’s nowhere near what I wanted or hoped for when I bought the six pack.

For a start, it’s not really red enough. In fairness though, colour is irrelevant, as can be seen by the many attempts to challenge perceptions through styles such as black IPAs or white stouts. Next up, it’s too bitter. I expect a red to have more malt based flavours. It does seem to be getting better as it warms up, but first impressions count, and currently I’m not impressed enough to buy another six pack.

This is one of the problems with buying beer in quanity. If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you have the rest to drink. That being said, I can always use a couple of bottles for making beer bread.

Next week I’ll be spending my evening at the Pittsburgh Winter Beer Festival. If signal allows I’ll be live tweeting what I’m drinking, otherwise there won’t be anything from me until Saturday, when I sum up my festival experience.

If you’re reading this back in the UK, next week is birthday week in Southampton, with The Butcher’s Hook entering its third year of business, and The Dancing Man celebrating its first anniversary. Go and pay them both a visit.


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