The Friday Pint #140


It’s 25 minutes to Wednesday afternoon. Today’s lunch special at Rickety Cricket Brewing in downtown Kingman is a BLT with a choice of fries or salad. I order one, with fries, alongside a $2 brown bag craft beer. This time I end up with Samuel Adams Tropic of Yuzu. Supposedly, it’s “Exotic & Juicy. I’m getting neither.
The food comes out quick, it is still quiet after all. The fries, whilst seasoned nice, seem slightly undercooked. The sandwich on the other hand, is sufficient. Whilst not the best food I’ve had here, it’s still good enough to warrant a return. Previous trips to Rickety Cricket saw me try their pretzel and their cheese pizza, both of which were awesomely delicious.
Rickety Cricket as a venue has been open for a few weeks now. Recently their food menu expanded to include more burger options and the aforementioned pretzel as a permanent option, rather than a lunch special. It is next door to the House of Hops, and between the two venues, they now have a menu consisting of 64 beers. D├ęcor wise, it reminds me of a cross between The Platform Tavern and The Dancing Man in Southampton. Metal structures and other trinkets adorn the walls and hang from the ceiling. While the building is a new construction, it feels like it was converted from an older building that had stopped being used.
The brewing equipment sits to the left of the bar, all shiny and new, waiting for the food side of things to be as flaw free as possible before it’s put into action. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the first grain is mashed in, and eventually the first beer is served.
Since then, I have moved over to Black Bridge Brewery. I started with a pint of Chichester (which is frustratingly pronounced by many of the staff here as “chi chester” rather than “chich ester”). It’s a beer which is becoming something of a regular for me here at the brewery. I think it may be because it reminds me somewhat of the beers I could get at home.
For a while, Tim (the brewer) was sat at the bar with me. We talked brewing and among other things, Star Trek Voyager. He’s working a lot recently on getting beers brewed ready for the Oktoberfest on the 6th and 7th October.
As I type now, I find myself drinking an Evil Red IPA. I tried it a couple of times during my early days of drinking Black Bridge Brewery beers. I’d long not bothered with it as I wasn’t really excited by the beer when I had it before. This time around though, there’s something different. It may be that I’ve not really had a beer in this style for some time. This time around, I’m actually enjoying Evil Red, and I’m now much more open to having another one sooner.


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