The Session #69 – The Perfect Beer World

It’s the first Friday of the month again, and so it’s time yet again for The Session. This month’s session is hosted by Jorge at Brew Beer and Drink It, and asks us the question, what would we like to change in order to obtain a perfect beer world.

I suppose the first thing that would need to be done before figuring out what needs to be changed, is to figure out what a perfect beer world actually is.

To me, a perfect beer world would be one where there is enough beer for everyone who wants it. There would be no concerns over where the beer came from, the only important thing is that the drinker enjoys the beer they have, whether it be a small homebrew, or a beer from a big multinational company.

To get to this point would be easier for some than for others. For those who are happy with a big multinational beer, the kind readily available at supermarkets, they are already in a perfect beer world. For those who want something more, something rarer, there’s a chance they may have to make compromises.

Sure, you could increase production, but would that then result in some of those people not being interested anymore. At a guess, I’d say that as some beers raised production to supply demand, some people would complain that it’s not as good as it used to be.

That’s the problem with people, give them what they wanted and they’re still not happy. One man’s perfect beer world is the next man’s beer hell, and as such, it’s pretty much impossible to create a beer world that is perfect for everyone. You can create a world in which cask and keg, and bottle and can, and all types of beer are accepted, but there will still be those who think one of those shouldn’t exist.

I’m happy with my beer world as it is. It could be better, but there’s more than enough to keep me drinking beer for a while yet.

Next month it’s my turn to host The Session, with a topic based on hype. Expect my introduction post in the next week or so.


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