The Friday Pint #42 – Inbetween Beers

Earlier this week I paid a visit to the recently renamed Barley Mow in Chiswick, which has now installed a small brewplant just inside the entrance from the high street, and is now known as The Lamb Brewery. I was going to write about that trip in this week’s edition of The Friday Pint, but in looking for information on the original Lamb Brewery, I soon realised that it would have to be put off until I had time to read what there was to read.

Later tonight I shall be on my way to Birmingham, where depending on how full the Second City Suite is, I shall be drinking some beer at the Birmingham Beer Festival, before a more full day of drinking whatever is left on the Saturday.

As a result, I am somewhat inbetween beers, and don’t really have anything significantly beery to write about. I do though, have a request. Next week I shall be in North Wales, and would like to try one or two local beers. If you have any reccomendations, or suggestions, please leave them in the comments. Chances are, one of them may end up as next week’s Friday Pint.


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