The Friday Pint #43 – This Means Nothing To Me (Hallertaur Edition)

About 9 weeks ago I brewed my first homebrew. In the time since it has fermented, lagered, been dryhopped with more hallertaur, and then bottled, before finally being opened tonight.

I tried a bit at each stage, and haven’t really been happy with it. I now know this is because it was flat.

Okay, so it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t help that I put too many early hops in (It’s too bitter for a lager, something to remember for the Perle Edition) but at least it’s not a drain pour. Saying that though, I may have spoke too soon, the wonderful hoppy aroma that came off the beer at the start had been replaced by an aroma of urine by the bottom of the glass.

The batch was small, only 8 bottles now exist, most of which already have destinations. Tomorrow I’ll be bottling brew number two, a smoked porter which I intended to come out at around 5%, but actually came out at a rather quaffable 2.8%

As for the name, the beer is a Vienna lager. Yeah, it’s a pun name.


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