The Friday Pint #47 – Dry Days

Every good beer drinker should have a couple of dry days in their beer schedule each week. A dry day being a day without alcohol, to allow the body to recuperate.

For me, today is one of those days.

I try to make everyday I’m at work a dry day. I work a 7 day fortnight, so in theory, I should be dry for half the year. This isn’t exactly true. There are some work days where I end up at the pub, usually for lunch, or a quick post work pint (though the latter is more rare). There’s also holidays, where I’ll most likely end up drinking something every day.

Next year I expect I’ll be having a lot more dry days, as I’ll be going through a year of not buying beer. Whilst there will be some exceptions (I’ll be giving myself 10 passes to use throughout the year), and I will still be able to drink what I’ve already bought before the new year, there will still come a point where the beer will run out.

There are multiple reasons for choosing to do this next year, not just the fact that I think it would make a good weekly replacement for The Friday Pint. A full explanation of the project will go up in the new year. In the meantime, I’ve got some Session posts to read.


One thought on “The Friday Pint #47 – Dry Days

  1. I concur! Ultimately, the concern should be overall intake instead of regularity of intake…so it’s fine to drink every day as long as you are only having one or two…but I love good beer so much that I can rarely stop at two, or four, once I’ve started. Hence, I aim to have 2 AFDs (alcohol free days) every week.

    To keep everything in check on a grander scale, I have a full alcohol free month for at least one month every year, along with the occasional dry fortnight. It’s all about balance. You can be an addict without control or a fanatic with control.

    As someone who spent the first 26 years of my life in a very unhealthy state, I had to do a massive amount of work to build my current health, so I can see how quickly being excessive with beer can undo a natural vibrancy that the occasional dry patch can install.


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