The Friday Pint #48 – Oakham Ales’ Winter Wrath

I have a confession to make.

I completely forgot about the Friday Pint this week.

I did have a pint, of the above mentioned beer, however I neglected to note what it actually tasted like. All I can tell you is that Winter Wrath is a stout, and I enjoyed it enough that I finished my pint, with no real complaints. That being said, it wasn’t good enough that I was running back to the bar to buy another. It was simply one of the many beers that occupy that vast middle ground of beers that aren’t really amazing or drain pours.

I had planned to try the Paradox Jura wings at the newly opened Brewdog Birmingham. Unfortunatly, there was some work going on, and so I ended up in the Post Office Vaults. This actually turned out to be a good thing, it was dry, the cask line up was the best I’d seen in there, with beers from Art Brew and Tiny Rebel on top of the Oakham I had.

They’d also restocked the Cantillon Geuze, and as no trip to the Post Office Vaults would be complete without a lambic, I merrily obliged.

As for Brewdog Birmingham, it’s a Brewdog bar. If you’ve been to any of the others that have opened in the last year and a half you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. There’s been a lot of excitement around it’s opening, and rightly so. At the moment, there’s no where else in the city offering a similar range of keg beers.

Brewdog have already announce their plans to open more bars next year, and as much as I’ve had gripes with the way they do things, I’d welcome one in Southampton. I’m sure there’s plenty of empty premises they can take, and if they can stick it half way between The Rockstone and The Platform Tavern, I’ll be happy.

A man can dream can’t he?


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