The Friday Pint 2 #1 – The Year Without (Buying) Beer

Last year, I spent a lot on beer, much to the point that at one point my mum said to me that I should try and spend less this year.

That got me thinking, and that thinking led to the plans for this years edition of The Friday Pint. Starting from Monday, this year, I will not be spending any money on beer, and The Friday Pint will be chronicling what happens.

There will be exceptions, and rules, which I will now lay out.

1. I cannot spend money on bottled or draught beer, with the exception of 10 occasions. Some of these have already been predetermined. These are:

  • My birthday
  • The Tuckers Malting Beer Festival
  • GBBF
  • When my girlfriend is over in October
  • Christmas
  • Fathers Day/My Dad’s Birthday.
  • The as yet untitled and unconfirmed Birmingham based craft beer festival.

2. I will allow myself to buy a bottle of beer as a cooking ingredient. This must be bought at the same time as the other ingredients for whatever I’m making, and must not be accompanied by other bottles.

3. I can buy ingredients and brew my own beer

4. I can visit pubs and buy other drinks, and food. The point of this year long experiment is to see what happens when I can’t buy beer.

5. I can drink what I already have in stock.

So, it all seems rather simple. 12 months of not spending large amounts of money on bottles everytime I go into a shop, or on thirds and halves each time I go into a bar. There are admittedly ulterior motives to spending less money on beer, and more time on homebrewing, which will be revealed when the time is right.

In the meantime, I apologise to the establishments I reguarly spent money in over the last year. I will be in and giving some of you money, just not as much.

Here’s to 2013, the year without (buying) beer.


4 thoughts on “The Friday Pint 2 #1 – The Year Without (Buying) Beer

  1. A very lofty goal. Something I don’t think I could ever pull off. But a great experiment all the same. At worst, you’ll be improving your homebrew skills tremendously.


    • Oh great, the guilt card. 😉

      I’ll be trying out what options there are for non-drinkers and designated drivers. If a pub has good beer, I’d also want it to have good options for those who aren’t drinking alcohol.

      The way I see it, I’ll be doing my bit to help keep pubs open, so they can keep serving beer.

  2. This is an interesting challenge which’ll be fun to read about. I admire your seriousness as well, having established rules from the start. Good luck!

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