The Session #73 – Beer Audit

After what seems like a month since the last edition of The Session, we yet again find ourselves at another first Friday of the month, and with it, a new edition of The Session.the_session

This time around, Pints and Pubs is hosting with the subject of Beer Audits. In the introduction, they detail their own experiences before posing the following to their fellow bloggers…

I’m interested to know if you take stock of the beers you have, what’s in your cellar, and what does it tell you about your drinking habits. This could include a mention of the oldest, strongest, wildest beers you have stored away, the ratio of dark to light, strong to sessionable, or musings on your beer buying habits and the results of your cellaring.


Just before Christmas I did a kind of audit of the beers I have with me in London. If my memory recalls I counted around 130 bottles. Most I still have, some I have drunk. Many more have entered the collection and left in the few months since.


There are some beers in my collection that I’ve earmarked for certain occasions. I find this makes it much easier to ignore the fact that they are there, sat aging at the back of the cupboard. There are also beers that I have bought for the sole purpose of aging to see how they turn out. Some of these are beers that are designed or have been aged with good effect by others, some are just regular beers that have fallen under the realm of curiosity.

Currently, I believe my stash is nicely varied when it comes to styles. I have pale ales, IPAs, Stouts, Impy Stouts, Sour Beers, Barley Wines and probably others that have slipped my mind. The important thing is, the styles I go for most often are covered.

I have found that with my experiment this year (See The Friday Pint 2) I have been slightly reluctant to open bottles as reguarly as I would have done last year. This is arguably certainly a good thing, not least for my health, but also for my appreciation of the beers I do open.

I’m sure the full extent of my beer collection will be exposed when I have to move house. I’ll have a rather nice selection of beer to drink in 3-5 years time. If only I had one to drink now.



5 thoughts on “The Session #73 – Beer Audit

  1. That’s an impressive amount of Fuller’s Vintage. The rest of the collection is nothing to sneer at either. Well done!

  2. That photo really feeds my beer voyeurism! What I notice about your collection is that pretty much all of those beers will lend themselves well to ageing. Unlike my collection which has far too many hoppy beers or milds that are just ageing past their best. Yeah, I need more of those Fullers Vintage ales to give my cellar some longevity.

    Thanks for contributing

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