The Friday Pint 2 #10 – Delight

We are proud to introduce Delight. The first beer brewed for girls that isn’t patronising. We know what girls like, and we’ve distilled all of that into a beer they’ll love. A dark, luxurious and velvety beer, reminiscent of chocolate covered turkish delight.

Why will women love Delight?

1 Flowers. Delight is packed full of flowers, with many of them being female flowers, making this beer even more a beer for the girls.

2 Chocolate This beer is choc-ful of delicious, luxurious chocolate taste, from the chocolate malt through to the luxurious bars of chocolate we add to each brew.

3 Say it with roses. The highlight of Delight is the masses of rose petals we add during the fermentation stage. This makes Delight one of the most special beers around, and the perfect gift for the one you love.

Delight comes in 330ml bottles, or in half pints if you find it in the pub.

Delight, the first beer for girls that isn’t patronising.


Delight doesn’t (yet) exist. I’ve been coming up with mock beer ideas on twitter and ended up developing this last night. I quite like the sound of it myself, and would like to see it made into an actual beer at some point, complete with tongue in cheek branding mocking the branding of the actual beers aimed at the female market.


3 thoughts on “The Friday Pint 2 #10 – Delight

  1. Well. I can think of one girl that will not like Delight. She happens to live in Pennsylvania. And doesn’t like flowers. Or chocolate.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure she gives you all the chocolate she gets when you’re around.

    There’s one.

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