The Session #72 – How I Love Beer

Are we really a month into 2013 already? I guess we must be, as it’s the first Friday of February, and with that comes another round of The Session, the monthly communal the_sessionblogging event that is this month hosted by Ryan Newhouse at Montana Beer Finder.

With Valentines Day not far away, Ryan has asked us to write about “How we love beer”. He points out that he asks “how” and not “why”. They are two very different things.

I probably won’t be the only person to do this, yet it seems to fit in with the subject, and the romantic timing of The Session, so here goes, How I Love Beer, an Ode to Deliciousness in a Glass…

Delicious yummy, lipsmacking beer
Ales, lagers, sour geuze
The many forms of my favourite booze
Oh how I love you
In your oversized glass
Exposing the aromas to my nasal passage
Teasing my tastebuds with potential delights
Sometimes you’re wrong, but most you’re just right.

Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer
Beer here
Beer there
Beer everywhere
Beer at home, Beer alone
Beer with friends, Beer with food
It’s all good.

A wonderful rich imperial stout
A beer with such magnificent clout
Such wonderful flavour
For my tastebuds to savour

I love beer, and how
I’m even thinking of beer now
What to drink when I get the chance
To feed this insatiable romance