The Friday Pint #40 – Vibrant Forest Black Forest Porter

Just a few days after I was here last, I’m back at The Platform Tavern in Southampton, home of the Dancing Man Brewery, who were yesterday featured on MailOnline, in a story laced with inaccuracies (as The Platform Tavern say themselves on their Facebook page). This time though, it’s the turn of another local brewery, Totton’s own Vibrant Forest.

Some of you may have seen me talk of this brewery before, and with good reason. They’re local, and they’ve made some good beers, and Black Forest Porter just may be the best so far.


It’s not the brewery’s first porter. Last year saw Dark Castle Porter, which I first tried as part of Porter Weekend back in January. What I felt that was lacking, was some sort of flavour. That has definitely been sorted here, with a slight taste of blackberries coming through alongside the usual burnt malt tastes and aromas you’d expect from a porter.

In terms of strength, it’s 4.9%, and could easily be drunk all afternoon, whilst sat by a fire, with a book. It also has a good viscosity as well, it’s not too thin, but it’s not too syrupy and thick either, both qualities that have put me off other porters in the past.

Despite having tried most of the beers in the Vibrant Forest range, this is the first chance I’ve had to try any of draught. Whilst there are some pubs who serve their beer, I’ve never been able to visit any of them when they’ve had it on.

If you’d like to try Vibrant Forest beers for yourself, bottles can be bought from Bitter Virtue in Southampton, and Romsey Beer Emporium.